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Bulk African Trade

Bulk Africa Trade, or BAT, brings you natural medicines from the tropics of Africa to your doorstep. We have established tree plantations and nurseries of plants used towards the benefit of human bodily and mental health. 

We strive to implement sustainable and conservation practices in our farms with our rare botanicals. This makes sure that the items you receive from us are ethically and harvested and geared towards a positive purpose. 

BAT is an international team of business minded professionals in the supply chain and natural resource development industry in West Africa. The Afro-Euro-American team is capable of servicing your personal needs from all our perspectives, customs, and points of view. 

We are happy to be here for you and help you with your botanical needs, whether you need one of our current herbal medicines and typical African foods, or if you are searching for a partner in contract farming or work with a new item, we are here. 


Bulk African Trade

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Iboga products: https://sites.google.com/bulkafricantrade.de/ibogaine/bat-home

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