Bulk African Trade Consultants

Bulk African Trade Consultants

Who is Bulk African Trade?

Bulk African Trade, or BAT, is an international team of business minded professionals in the supply chain and natural resource development industry in West Africa.

Our Team

Ralf Vogtel

Ralf is a German native and former navy officer. Ralf brings over 20 years of experience in African trade and commerce to the table . He has imported goods from Europe into various African countries and has exported natural resources to Europe and Asia. If there is demand for a specific natural commodity, Ralf has a supply chain. Cashew, coffee, palm kernels, voacanga, shea nuts have all been contracted for supply and many untapped resource are still available. Ralf has over 100,000 tons in exports to destinations around the world and counting. Aside from filling containers with raw material, Ralf has also established oil palm plantations and processing facilities.

Adrian Martinez

Adrian is a biologist focused on agribusiness, from Atlanta, Georgia. His background in tree breeding and seed testing with the Georgia Forestry Commission makes him an expert in tree plantation establishment and management. Adrian has worked in Senegal and Ghana since 2011, building up natural medicine supplies from plantation to final customer. Adrian runs an online business for natural medicines and manages private medicinal plantations and contract plantations for industrial natural medicine companies.

Atta Cosmos

Atta has been successful in the supply chain coordination in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso. Being from the heart of the cashew industry in Sampa, Ghana, he has been able to create a dedicated business from farmers to export, supplying almost 3% of Ghanaian national exports of cashew. His 13 years of experience in this field have helped him develop methods and tactics essential to any natural resource supply chain. Atta has applied his methods to different experiences, including palm kernel supply chains and is interested in expanding his own farming activities.

Edwin Dadzie

Edwin has been chief negotiator in bush collections of natural commodities for over 5 years. His honesty and fairness with suppliers makes him stand out as a preferred buyer in the bush. Edwin maintains his relationship with his suppliers by staying connected with regular calls to check in on supply status and availability. Edwin's facility with suppliers comes from his background and farming experience in Ashanti, Eastern, and Western Regions of Ghana. Edwin practices gardening and botanical methods with new and imported species.

Theophilus Seth Opoku

Theo is a Ghana native and export consultant for companies shipping commodities to Asia and Europe from West Africa for over 7 years. His strong network and human capital on the ground is indispensable in achieving access to large quantities of West African's goods while always updating and staying in touch with customers about the logistical progress of their goods. Theo's performance in the field is built on his experience in sourcing oil palm nuts for the production of palm oil and palm kernel oil. His production in this field has given him contacts in rural areas and also internationally for trade and exports around the world.

Esther Ayariga

Esther graduated with a degree in business accounting. Esther leads in company logistics as administrative assistant and as financial manager. She coordinates sending and receiving of parcels and materials through regular post and airfreight to and from customers. Esther is originally from the northern Upper East Region of Ghana and applies her different experiences towards new approaches in her, many times, innovative work.

Mahama Amadu

Mahama, also known as Baaba Fii, graduated with a BSc in Economics and Business Administration. He has used his skills in accounting of the cashew business where he assessed suppliers for credit worthiness, managed debt, filed taxes, and made weekly audits of branch accounts. Baabi Fii maintains control of raw material stock along with keeping the books in order. He is the epitome of what is needed from an accountant in the bush and in the office. Baabi Fii does his best job by being able to catch irregularities and find solutions to fix them.

BAT's Goals and Objectives

Bulk African Trade wants to be your African business consultants. BAT strives to give the best managerial skills to partners interested in developing their projects in Ghana. Our international team will see eye-to-eye with you and give you the best advice for advancing on the ground.

BAT's services include, feasibility studies, consulting, and operations managing. We want to be your missing link to make your projects come true.


BAT Projects

  • Contract farming for European natural pharmaceutical companies.
  • Private medicinal plantations for Picralima nitida and Tabernanthe iboga
  • Provider of raw materials to customers from farm gate to doorstep.



We speak European Languages, English, Spanish, French, and German.

We speak West African Languages, Fulani, Twi, Nafaara, and Dwula.

email: madoe@bulkafricantrade.de

phone numbers:

  • Edwin: Ghana (Twi, English): +233 50604 6085
  • Adrian: Spain (English, Spanish, French) +34 691 631 061 *Whatsapp activated
  • Ralf: Ghana (German, English) +233 55877 9430


We make farms and move businesses in Africa