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Akuamma Nursery - Bulk African Trade
Akuamma Nursery - Bulk African Trade

Akuamma Nursery

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Akuamma Seedlings

Our seedlings are grown under good climate conditions in West Africa, Ghana. This ensures the healthy growth of these seedlings and leads to their rapid growth. Farm Managers here at Bulk African Trade are trained to ensure that these seedlings are in good shape by practicing proper farming methods which includes but notwithstanding weeding and uprooting unwanted seedlings grown around our nursery, giving seedlings good irrigation regardless of changes in the climate. We seek to provide you with products from our farms in good shape so we do a lot of farm maintenance in our farm sites.

All orders come with samples of other plants from us, so you receive extra seeds or plants with your order.


  • 1 Akuamma Seedling $43.00

  • 2 Akuamma Seedlings $54.02

  • 3 Akuamma Seedlings $65.05

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