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The spirit of sananga or shanovo (spirit of the forest) has as a medicinal process the refinement of spiritual vision.  Thus, sananga allows us to see the truth that is around us without our personal and limiting blindness, allowing us to visualize and dazzle the beauty that exists around us.


 It is possible to have an indirect and helpful relationship with sananga in some psychosomatic diseases, since the eyes are our windows to the perception of this world.  Seeing our enemy with our eyes helps in our daily struggle.  Thus, this natural medicine helps in the perception of what happens around us, bringing harmony and consequent spiritual, emotional and physical fulfillment.


 The tradition of using sananga by the Kaxinawá Indians is to drip a drop or two in each eye before going hunting.  They believe that the substance sharpens perception by facilitating the subtle movements of the dense forest, thus being able to distinguish their hunting.  In addition to emphasizing visual textures, depth, colors which, the Indians say, assists the hunting instinct in its visual search for prey within the forest.


 Sananga eye drops are obtained by extracting a juice from a bush-shaped plant called Tabernaemontana Sananho.  One of the active ingredients found is Ibogaine.  To prepare the eyedrops, the roots of the shrub are beaten with clean drinking water, which result in the extraction of the plant's active principle.


 Ibogaine causes a psychoactive experience, which can lead some people to trances and / or quick visions, called miracles by some Ayahuasca traditions.  After application, a burning sensation that lasts a maximum of three minutes occurs, depending on the patient's clinical condition and the frequency with which the individual uses the drops.  The sananga experience is reported as a very special moment.  After the burning, a feeling of completeness appears.  It is as if the individual were totally inserted in a timeless moment, where nothing else matters.


 Some tribes of the nawas ethnicities, use of sananga to remove the call panea.  Panea is represented by a form of accumulated negative energy that we carry, normally associated with gastric juice from the stomach, which lead to the accumulation of all types of bacteria and diseases.  This accumulation is caused by the ingestion of meat (which leads to putrefaction in the digestive and excretory system), medicines and toxic substances in foods that are not natural like those of the forest.  Panea can destroy our stamina and health.


 Spiritually and energetically, sananga helps to clear the eye canal and contributes to the fluidity of perception in the ajna chakra (third eye, or inner vision).  That is, it increases spiritual and sensitive perception and vision.  In people with developed mediumistic sensitivity, there is evidence of expansion of the golden field.  Ibogaine also helps in the treatment of chronic pain and is known as a strong aphrodisiac stimulant, in addition to facilitating meditation and introspection processes.