Voacanga Africana Enter Into The World of Botanic RSS

Voacanga Africana Enter Into The World of Botanic Dreams

Voancanga Africana Root Bark the new sources of Ibogaine. V. africana rootbark to ibogaine HCl been looking into this potential and economically viable conversion of voacangine to ibogaine. V.africana rootbark goes for about 140E/kg, containing up to 10% voacangine. simple acetic acid or methanol extraction yield the total alkaloid. voacangine is easily converted to ibogaine. the tricky part is separating the voacangine from the rest of the similar alks in the mixture. "Voacangine has a molecule which is the same as ibogaine except there is a group, -CO2CH3, hanging off, where ibogaine has only a -H atom. If this group is removed, then voacangine becomes ibogaine. Boiling voacangine in alcohol which contains lye causes the CH3 to fall off and...

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