The Iboga / Catfish Project Updates

What is new in October with our Iboga / Catfish project

here the news

See this nice iboga boxes, it looks like that the Iboga plants like the Box environment

Our hatchery doing also well, all this fingerlings will go to the ponds this November.

Our first Test fingerlings are in the pond, there doing well, so we are ready to go to stock all 3 available ponds well.

What is new in September with our Iboga / Catfish project

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Look at this nice Iboga fruit, it is the first Fruit which our Box Iboga have made.
So we are now sure that the box system works, and that we will get in 3 Years quality Root Bark from our boxes.

Iboga Fruit

Also at the Catfish side we get good news.
Our Hatchery is working fine, and the first 2,500 fingerlings doing well.
After the successfully first testrun, the next fingerling Batch will be 20,000 what is at the moment our Max Capacety.

What is new in August with our Iboga / Catfish project

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We have compiled the fish Tank for the Breeding stock and the hatching Tanks.

Additional 3 iboga Boxes was build in August

What was new in July with our Iboga / Catfish project

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We were able to start with our own Catfish Hatchery.
We have three fish ponds out of twelfth ready, and start now with the landscaping.
Also we welcome our first Supporter Zdenko from the UK

To get our own Catfish hatchery, is a good step forward, as we now save Money in the purchasing of fingerlings, and also eliminates the risk of mortality.
This Fingerlings will be ready in around 3 to 4 months, to go into our fish ponds at Bartabi.
The hatchery has a capacity of around 50,000 fingerlings every 2 months.

The first three Catfish ponds are ready, we will start in August with the landscaping and preparation for the incoming Fingerlings.
Each of this ponds have a capacity of 20,000 Catfish, or around 15,000 kg of best Catfish.


Financial Project update

Project Pool contribution toward $15,800

The Pool Money will be gathered up to the full amount of 15,800

 Supporter Amount           Balance remaining to the first pond
Zdenko UK $650 $15,150

You like to Support our project, you can do so from $100 going.

We pay an interest rate or an ROI of 22%
For each $100 you will get $22 profit
More info you find below in the Project description.

Back Payment of your Investment

We pay an interest rate of all contributions of 22% payable in 3 equal installments after 9 Months first back payment 12 Months second back payments and 15 Months final back payments, counting from the starting day of the Pond.



You like our business
if yes

You can help us in the Iboga farm expansion, and make Money

with your investment, in our Iboga / Catfish project.

Your Investment $15,800 your returns $3,475

Investment Time 15 Months

Back payment of total $19,275 in three installments of

$6,425 first back payment after 9 Months, second after

12 Months and final back payment after 15 Months.

The project is located at our Bartabi Farm in the Eastern Region

of Ghana

The digging of the first Catfish Pound's, and the water level after one Day,

by now the Pounds are full up to the top, and ready to stock with up to

10,000+++ Catfish each.

Iboga growing boxes under construction

Why we are investing in iboga Growing Boxes?

We have up to now around 30,000 Iboga Plants in the open field. The challenge with the open field planting is, that we only can plant during the rain Season from April to August, and the watering of the plants during the dry Season is labor and cost intensive.

This limitation we like to overcome with a growing box system in connection with Fish pounds for the water supplies during the dry Season.

Iboga watering in the dry Season

We have already tested the Iboga Box system during the last dry season, we have constructed 8 Boxes at our Bartabi Yard and three Boxes at the Ogua Krom Farm to prove the new planting system.

Here, our Box Iboga plants after 6 Months in the Test Boxes

Here, our Open Field Iboga plants after 2 years

More details of the business.

You may ask why we can offer this ROI of 22% in 15 Months? The Key is in the fish feed, we are producing the feed for the fish in the House with our BSFL (Black Soldier Fly Larvas).

Our BSF processing Yard

BSF Eggs

Phillip set up new puppas for egg production

The BSFL are a natural high protein fish feed

And here the final feed product, high protein BSF fish feed

We are saving around 50% of feed cost with our BSF high protein feed against the Market price of imported fish feed in Ghana.

This project is a close circle project, all what is needed we producing at our Farms, and the input from third parties is reduced to a minimum.

Here our Catfish which we keep in Tanks for Consummation at our Catfish Point & Grill Outlets.

The project when completed will have 12 fish pounds with 120,000 catfish and 50 Iboga Boxes with around 100,000 Iboga plants.

If you like the project, here how you can participate

You can invest in a full fish pound for you alone

Investment $15,800
Total Payout after 15 Months $19,275
ROI 22%

Or you can invest in a fish Pound investment Pool

Investment from $100 upward
You will get a profit share according to your paying amount
For the Pool investment, you only need to sign up with your intended investment amount, when the full investment amount of $15,800.00 is signed, we will ask you to make payment, and the investment time of 15 Months starts.

Total Payout after 15 Months $19,275 for the Pool
You will get your profit share according to your initial investment amount.
ROI 22%

You are interested in our Investment offer

Just drop me a mail

And I send you the sign up documents for the project.

You are also welcome to visit your investment, we have a nice House in Akim Oda where you can stay during your Visit.

Thanks for your time and interest

Your BAT Team Ghana

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