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4 x splitted kratom 250gram / 1kg to 30 kg

4 x splitted kratom 250gram / 1kg to 30 kg

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The Splitted Kratom comes in 4 varieties of our Kratom species. With a minimum order of 1kg, you get the chance to choose 4 out of the following; 250grams Super Mitragyna Stipulosa fermented, 250grams Mitragyna Stipulosa regular green, 250grams Super Rifat fermented, 250grams Rifat regular green, 250grams Super African Speciosa fermented and 250grams African Speciosa regular green.

Below are our current products available for sales;
Super Mitragyna Stipulosa fermented
Mitragyna Stipulosa regular green
Super Rifat fermented
Rifat regular green
Super African Speciosa fermented
African Speciosa regular green

We ship this item from Ghana with DHL express, EMS Post or Ghana Post, the total price break down, and payment details will be given to you in our confirmation E-Mail.

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