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African Freeze dried Rifat leaves

African Freeze dried Rifat leaves

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Get to enjoy the real taste of Rifat Kratom, with our new fresh dry frozen Kratom leaves from Africa.
The Leaves are harvested at Day break at 6:00 AM, than transported fresh to our dry freezing facility in Accra. After 36 Hours treatment in the dry freezing machine the leaves are ready for packing and shipment.
With the dry freezing conversion method, all Nutrients and alkaloids in the leaves are protected and delivered to you. The dry frozen leaves need now only to be put in hot or cold water, and you have a fresh leave, and the original taste of the product.
With this method it is the same as harvesting and eating the fresh leaves direct at our Farms
Each kg contains 400 to 440 dried frozen African Rifat leaves which after soaking gives you the net weight of 1kg.

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